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Local Government Law deals with the people living and working in the area of which it has authority.

While this is primarily a service, the authority has to work within the framework of the Laws of the Land and the region under its jurisdiction and apply its own Regulations.

This requires constant access to Legal Advisors to assist in interpretation, application and imposition of the Law as well as administrative action.

We have expertise in the specialized field of land use management and enforcement of property rights and has represented local authorities and corporations and individuals in matters of this nature.

The firm has a fund of knowledge which has been gained over time and has a unique understanding of the legislative framework relating to Land Use Management and the enforcement of property rights and has been involved in representing clients through all of the Courts.

We pride ourselves to be available to provide a wide range of services to each client at all levels, , including, but not limited the following:

·         Drafting of Opinions
·         Litigation
·         Advising a client of the consequences whilst erecting a building without plan approval
·         Representing a client in the Municipal Court
·         Land use management – including the enforcement of property rights
·         Building control – including outdoor signage